Endurance Exercises to Increase Cardiorespiratory Endurance for Long Distance Running, Improve Running Speed

And now here is the final part from our Ottawa Physiotherapy bloggers:

It is time for endurance exercises to increase cardiorespiratory endurance and improve running speed! You have started your running training program 8 weeks ago and progressed from getting the workout motivation to start with, right up to running for 30 minutes without stopping. If you’ve accomplished everything so far, well done! Now it is the time to increase running speed and running endurance for long distance running training.

Improving Endurance and Average Running Speed

Week 9:

This week you will be getting used to 25-30 minute runs. Remember to start and finish each session with a 5 minute walk. Do 3 sessions this week.

Week 10:

Do 3 sessions this week starting and finishing each session with a 5 minute walk. First session – 35 minute run without stopping; second – 20 minutes, third – 30 minute run.

Week 11:

Try and do a 40 minute run for one of the sessions, with your other runs about 25 to 35 minutes. With the quicker runs, try and inject some pace. I.e. run a bit faster just for a minute, if possible, try and do that several times. Start and finish each session with a 5 min walk.

Week 12:

Follow a similar pattern, with this time one run of 45 minutes. With the longer runs don’t try to inject pace as it will be too hard. The objective being to run for that length of time without stopping. With your other shorter runs of 25-35 minutes this week, hopefully you’ll find yourself running faster and further as you increase your fitness with the running endurance exercises.  You have all the support from our Barrhaven physiotherapy, Orleans physiotherapy, and Westboro Physiotherapy locations!!!!

So what is next? That’s really up to you. If we’ve left you behind a bit, take your time in catching up. If you are happy with the 30 minute work out plan then that is also fine. Maybe you want to join your local running club, progress to a 10k run, or run a marathon.

Hopefully you feel great and are starting to tell your friends how much you’ve achieved. Maybe your excitement has become infectious and your friends want to run with you. The most important thing is that you now keep running. Best of luck!