Spring Skiing – Staying Stable.

We offer ski evaulations at our Orleans physiotherapy, Barrhaven physiotherapy and Westboro Physiotherapy locations.

As the weather warms up and the sun starts to shine a little more, spring can be a great time to get out and enjoy what some people feel is the best part of winter –its end!
Spring skiing here in Ottawa-Gatineau can be fantastic with a variety of both alpine and cross country options to choose from.
With sunny and warm days come less consistent conditions, heavy snow, ice and even some sticky dirty patches.
Too keep out of trouble and avoid late season sprains and strains (and to have more fun!) It’s time to make sure your balance is up to par.
Our sense of balance is a combination of several senses including our inner ear, our vision and our bodies’ joint position sense (called proprioception).
Just like lifting weights or going running, our balance is a trainable skill.
Try this most simple of drills at home to improve your balance at home:
1) Find an area with open space, preferably on a firm but forgiving surfaces (thin carpet or yoga mat) free from any objects that could hurt you if you fall
2) Stand on one foot with a slightly flexed knee and hip in bare feet
3) Stay there -for 5 minutes
This simple drill will allow you to measure your progress while improving your balance and stability, as well as working on your foot and ankle strength. If this gets too easy, try closing your eyes for a significantly greater challenge.
Enjoy the sunny days and soft snow!


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