Welcome Back to the OPTSC Blog!


Welcome to the OPTSC blog! We took a bit of a hiatus, but now we’re back and ready for action.

You might wonder why a physiotherapy clinic would need a blog. If you’ve been into one of our clinics for treatment you’ll know what we do is a very personalized thing. That said, we’ve all got bodies that are made of essentially the same bits. Now add the fact that we all use computers, drive our cars, and slip on the ice in the same fashion. See why our blog might make some sense?

We’ll be using the blog to answer some of the most common questions our physiotherapists get. For the weekend warrior to the over-worked, we’ll have info and advice to help anyone move through their life a little easier.

With three busy clinics and a smattering of health professionals there’s a lot going on with OPTSC. We’ll also use the blog to keep you updated on our services and clinic news, so you’ll know all about the latest and greatest options for treatment available to you.

Something you’d like us to write about? General comments you’d like to make? Let us know! E-mail info@optsc.com and your query might be the subject of our next post.


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