Getting Back on Track

A group of us we’re talking the other day about how once September hits, it’s almost like a new year starting. I’m not sure if this is specific to Ottawa and the holiday patterns with the type of jobs in the city, but either way, September is a good time to reset and get back on track. The Summer is filled with activities and vacation time and we tend to get out of our routine. Getting “back on track” can mean many things to many people. The good news is, we have such a wide range of Ottawa physiotherapy services, we can make getting back on track a lot easier.

We have dietitians in Orleans, Westboro and Barrhaven, so if getting your diet back on track and having a plan custom built to you is something you’re craving, give us a call. Check out our last blog post or our Facebook page to see some recipes our Ottawa Dietitians have put together.

Perhaps you felt a tweak golfing or playing a water sport. We have FCAMPT certified therapists in all three locations. If you’re looking for Ottawa massage therapy or physiotherapy in Orleans, Westboro or Barrhaven, you’ll be in great hands.

The kids are back to school, work is in full swing, “routine” is back whether you like it or not. We can help your maximize yours and get you feeling your best.

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Dieticians Ottawa: because the best diet is the one built just for YOU!

Dieticians: because the best diet is the one built just for YOU!

It seems like everyone has an opinion on the “best diet”. You can ask three different people and get three different answers. “Gluten free”, “high protein”, “plant based”. When you look at your diet with such an “absolute” approach, it can be tough to stick to. It can get boring. The truth is, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to your diet. All of us are different. Some will see success with one, while others won’t. If you’ve been bouncing from diet fad to diet fad, with some, or minimal success, why not ask a dietitian Ottawa? A dietitian has a deeper understanding of the makeup of food and it’s impact on the body. They know the questions to ask you to help you down the proper path. No one knows food like a dietitian. Our registered dieticians understand the science of food and it’s impact on your daily routine. At Ottawa Physiotherapy and Sport Clinics, our registered dieticians are dedicated to finding a custom solution for you. What’s more, with a dietitian, you get ONGOING SUPPORT! If you’ve ever tried a diet, you know, maintaining motivation can be tough, so having a dietitian is like having a built in support system. Look at your body like a high performance vehicle, no matter how great certain components or parts are, having the right fuel can make all the difference in the world! We believe we have some of the best nutritionist Ottawa. Committed to your health and success. In fact, Suzanne, who works out of our Orleans location, is also fully bilingual.

If you’re looking to optimize your health, or rid yourself of yo-yo diets, please call us and book a consultation with our dieticians Ottawa!